Four Weeks to Kill

By Hoya Hoops

Good news: Today is Friday. More Good News: Tomorrow is Saturday. Even More Good News: Tomorrow is only four weeks from the Georgetown Basketball Season Opener!

Everybody remember about the theory of relativity? Here’s the theory in a nutshell: time is relative. For example: watching a five minute highlight package of Georgetown’s Big East Tournament Championship run from last year will seem like it lasted about 30 seconds, whereas those same five minutes spent listening to Jim Boeheim talk about the importance of Gerry McNamara will seem like 30 minutes.

Now then, the season starts in four weeks. Four weeks isn’t that long if you’re told that’s how long your dog has to live, but if you’re anxiously awaiting the Hoyas’ first game it seems like the day will never arrive. Here’s some advice that an old coach told me once…just take it one week at a time. The following are some options to keep yourself occupied over the next three Saturdays until the big day, especially if you live around the District.
Tomorrow, October 20:
D.C. United vs. Columbus Crew

Soccer doesn’t really register with a lot of hoops fans, especially without David Beckham, but the interesting note about this game is that there is a pre-game exhibition match paying tribute to the career of Marco Etcheverry. He’s one of the All-time great sports figures in Washington, as he brought three championships to the nation’s capital in the first four years of the league.

Next Saturday, October 27:
World Series Game Three

The World Series doesn’t start until next Wednesday, so this will be the first weekend of the fall classic. Game Threes are always important, and nothing helps ring in the new year of college hoops like the completion of the baseball season. No matter how many games it takes to decide the World Series winner, this will be the last baseball weekend until April.

The Following Saturday, November 3:
Washington Wizards vs. Orlando Magic

The NBA is the next best thing to college basketball. Some of the NBA’s newest stars will finally be taking the court, and the Wizards will be happy to warm up the floor at Verizon Center for when the Hoyas get going only one week later.
I hope this helps to keep you distracted until the Hoyas begin, if not…keep coming back to Hoya Hoops!

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