Senior Favorites

By Hoya Hoops

With Senior Day tomorrow, we’ve been talking a lot about Georgetown’s four seniors this past week, both about their value to the team and about some of their most memorable moments. But now it’s time for us to dig a little deeper in the minds of the senior class. What do we really know about them? What makes them tick? And most importantly, what’s their favorite pizza topping?

Here are what we think some of the graduating Hoyas’ favorite things are:

Tyler Crawford

Patrick Ewing, Jr.

  • Favorite Car: H2 Hummer
    (The second in a long line of dominant, powerful builds)
  • Favorite Childhood Toy: Last-Second Blocks
  • Favorite Pizza Topping: Pepperoni
    (A little spicy, but always a crowd pleaser)

Jonathan Wallace

Roy Hibbert

All Seniors

What do you guys think? Post your answers in the comments.


  1. Sam Says:

    if we’re talking about cars, how about:
    tyler: ford f-150. built ford tough
    jwal: honda accord, not flashy, but good for long distances, (or from long distacne)

  2. Zo Says:

    Roy’s favorite boy band song if he liked boy bands- Larger than life. No explanation needed.

  3. Luca Says:

    There’s an little known movie called “Avenge Every Second” Sound like Tyler Crawford’s life story. It’s not, so don’t netflix the movie.

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