DC vs MD

By Johnny

I come from the state of Maryland, but I associate myself with DC sports. I cheer for the Hoyas, United, the Redskins, the Caps, and the Wizards. Heck, I’ve even been a Nationals fan all of my life, blindly believing my father’s claims that there once was a baseball team in Washington. (My father, it should be noted, still is hesitant to cheer for the Wizards since they used to be the Baltimore Bullets.)

So when the Hoyas beat Maryland, it was a big deal for me even if it wasn’t so important outside this area. You may think that the DC-Maryland battle is over as Georgetown’s next opponent, American, is also from the District. But as it turns out, the DC vs Maryland showdown is about to reignite as the Washington Redskins take on the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

So how should Hoya fans feel? It’s up to you, I guess. I know Coach will be cheering for the Skins, while DaJuan and Henry will probably be routing for the Ravens. Hopefully Austin, Chris, and Jason will all be siding with Coach, DC, and Hoya Hoops on this one.

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