St. John’s In-Game Thread

By Mike

Hello, everyone. Mike here as the Hoyas get ready to start their last chance push for an NCAA Tournament bid. Only a title will assure the Hoyas of a spot, but maybe a strong showing in the tournament might be enough. That being said, the Hoyas must first focus their attention on St. John’s. The loss a week ago is still fresh in the minds of the players, and I am sure they would like nothing better than to atone for their sins in this game. I will be keeping you updated on all the action here, and feel free to add your own thoughts or questions in the comments.

For those of you who are at work, is live-streaming the games today. You can find a link to the Georgetown game here.


  1. Mike Says:

    In the 12:00 game, DePaul just knocked off Cincinnati 67-57. That is good news for the Hoyas if they can win a few games here in the Big East Tournament. The Georgetown game will tip-off in 20 minutes.

  2. oh my! Says:

    Referees are Mike Kitts, Bob Donato, and Mike Stephens.

  3. DJ Says:

    yep georgetown v depaul on fri night

  4. Mike Says:

    Here are the lineups:
    For St. Johns: Kennedy, Booth, Evans, Horne, Burrell
    For Georgetown: Summers, Monroe, Nikita, Wright and Freeman

  5. Mike Says:

    Tip-off goes out of bounds, it will be St. John’s ball to start us off.

  6. DJ Says:

    nice block!

  7. DJ Says:

    gotta dunk that!!!

  8. Tony Says:

    Hoyas start 1-4 FG, Nikitia missed a three, Monroe missed two shots around the basket, Wright made a driving, double-pump layup.

  9. Tony Says:

    Foul on Wright, P1, T1

  10. Tony Says:

    Foul on Burrell, P1, T2

  11. Mike Says:

    Foul on Chris Wright, his first.

  12. Tony Says:

    Foul on Mescheriakov, P1, T2

  13. Mike Says:

    Hoyas struggling to score, trailing 4-3 at the 16 minute timeout.

  14. Tony Says:

    FOUL on Summers, P1, T3

  15. Mike Says:

    Nice drive by Freeman puts the Hoyas up 7-4.

  16. Tony Says:

    Foul on Booth, P1, T3…Monroe 2-2 FT on that trip.

  17. Mike Says:

    Summers picks up his second foul.

  18. Tony Says:

    FOUL on GU, Summers P2, T4

  19. DJ Says:

    nice work greg! take it up

  20. Tony Says:

    Foul on Clark, P1, T5.. STJ FT end 8-0 Hoya run

  21. Mike Says:

    Turnover for Jason Clark under pressure.

  22. Mike Says:

    Good effort from Sims to put back the follow.

  23. Tony Says:

    FOUL on GU, Simms, P1, T6
    Hoyas lead 13-9, 11:34 in 1st

  24. Mike Says:

    Timeout on floor, Hoyas up 13-9, St. John’s ball.

  25. Tony Says:

    Last non-shooting foul committed by the Hoyas, bonus situation on the next foul call for STJ.

  26. Tony Says:

    FOUL on STJ, Burrell P2, T5

  27. DJ Says:

    over the back?? what is st johns doing on every shot?

  28. Tony Says:

    FOUL on GU Mesheriakov, P2, T7, 1-and-1 for STJ, 10:41 to play.

  29. Tony Says:

    FOUL STJ, Thomas, P1, T6

  30. Mike Says:

    The Hoyas using lots of the shot clock and not getting good looks. But an offensive foul on the Red Storm gives the ball back to Georgetown.

  31. Tony Says:

    FOUL STJ, THomas, P2, T6…sorry offenseive foul doesn’t count for team fouls.

  32. Mike Says:

    Summers returns with two fouls. We will see if he can avoid that third foul.

  33. Tony Says:

    FOUL Summers, P3, 3rd Personal Foul, 8th Team foul…no shots, offensive foul

  34. Mike Says:

    He could not. An offensive off-the-ball foul on Summers is his third. The Hoyas are up three.

  35. Tony Says:

    GU 0-3 3PT
    STJ 2-4 3PT

  36. Mike Says:

    Wright makes a three with the shot clock running down to push the lead to four.

  37. Mike Says:

    Wright to the free throw line for 1-1, with the Hoyas up two.

  38. Tony Says:

    FOUL on STJ, Horne, P1 T7

  39. Tony Says:

    FOUL GU, Monroe, P1

  40. Tony Says:

    FOUL STJ Jasilionius, P1

  41. Mike Says:

    Wright misses the front end of a 1-1 and St. John’s hits a three on the other end to take a one-point lead.

  42. Mike Says:

    Austin Freeman will be shooting free throws, the Hoyas up one, 24-23. We are at the four minute timeout, 3:20 to go in the first half.

  43. Tony Says:

    Freeman regains lead for Hoyas, now shooting 2 shots at final media timeout.

  44. Tony Says:

    GU 5-7 FT
    STJ 4-5 FT

    2 more coming for GU’s Freeman

  45. Tony Says:

    FOUL GU, Clark P2

  46. Tony Says:

    Basket good, loose bal foul on Monroe P2, 2 shots for STJ

  47. Tony Says:

    GU FOUL on Wright, P2

  48. Mike Says:

    Flashes of last game, as the Hoyas seem incapable of stringing two good plays together. The Hoyas go into locker room down two, 30-28. They have 20 minutes to try to turn things around.

  49. DJ Says:

    unbelieveable. we look wors ehtna ever today.

  50. Tony Says:

    The Hoyas look like a team whose season is already over, unless they change something soon, they will be.

  51. Tony Says:

    Scorers at Halftime:
    Wright 11
    Monroe 7
    Freeman 6
    Simms 4

  52. Tony Says:

    Scorers at Halftime:
    Horne 15
    Kennedy 12
    Boothe 3

  53. Mike Says:

    Same starting five for each sides as St. John’s has the ball to start the second half.

  54. DJ Says:

    come on now chris, every point is critical

  55. Tony Says:

    Turnover for Wright, then he fouls in transition, 3rd Personal on Wright…also a huge colision between a STJ player and the referee Mike Kitts. Kitts went down in a heap after he and the player forcefully collided.

  56. Mike Says:

    Collision between DJ Kennedy and referee Mike Kitts. The Hoyas are down one with St. John’s shooting two free throws. Break in the action while they address the injury to Kitts.

  57. DJ Says:

    what do you do> 2 refs?

  58. oh my! Says:

    Wally Rutecki replaces Mike Kitts. Nasty head to head collision with DJ kennedy.

  59. Tony Says:

    Back in play, STJ makes 2-2, Johnnies up 3

  60. Tony Says:

    FOUL STJ Burrell, P3 T1 (2nd half)

  61. Mike Says:

    Hoyas now down three, as Summers takes it strong to the basket and gets fouled. Two shots coming up for DaJuan.

  62. Mike Says:

    Hoyas down two at the 16 minute timeout.

  63. Tony Says:

    Correction 2 team fouls on STJ

  64. DJ Says:

    gotta make your fts please!!

  65. Mike Says:

    The Hoyas now facing their biggest deficit of the game, down with six under 14 minutes to play. Still plenty of time, though.

  66. Tony Says:

    St. John’s with 4 offesnsive rebounds on that possession, ending in Wright’s 4th foul.

  67. DJ Says:

    sapp time

  68. Mike Says:

    Hoyas in lots of foul trouble now, as St. John’s goes to the free throw line again.

  69. DJ Says:

    hoyas need to start getting rebounds or doing something. i think i could play harder than we are right now. fight!!!

  70. Mike Says:

    Georgetown ball down four, under 12 minutes to play now. Time slowly running out on the Hoyas.

  71. DJ Says:

    horrible passing

  72. Tony Says:

    Hoyas down by 9…score in the paint with Monroe to cut the lead to 7 and call timeout.

  73. Mike Says:

    Coach Thompson calls timeout after Monroe’s basket cuts the lead to seven. Still ten minutes for the Hoyas to come back, but things not looking good right now for Georgetown fans.

  74. DJ Says:

    st johns is so bad, lets make a few baskets in a row and win this game

  75. DJ Says:

    we cant hit any jumpers today. good thign gregs bringing energy

  76. Tony Says:

    Intentional foul on STJ, Clark to shoot 2 FT

  77. Mike Says:

    Clark gets a rebound off Summers’ miss, then gets fouled intentionally. Some free throws and the ball for the Hoyas.

  78. Tony Says:

    Clark makes both FT’s, on ensuing possession, Summers drives and gets fouled. 2 more FT coming for DaJuan, under 8:00 media timeout.

  79. Mike Says:

    A Georgetown run cuts the nine point deficit to three, and Summers will be shooting two free throws after the eight minute timeout.

  80. Tony Says:

    Hoyas are starting to show SOME signs of life.

  81. Mike Says:

    Summers goes 1-2 from the stripe, Hoyas down two.

  82. Mike Says:

    Red Storm timeout. The Hoyas shooting only 34% from the field. It’s amazing they are still in this game.

  83. DJ Says:

    need the fts

  84. DJ Says:


  85. Tony Says:

    SAPP 3PT, 12-0 run for the Hoyas, from down 9 to up by 3. 5:59 to play.

  86. Mike Says:

    Jessie Sapp hits a three to put the Hoyas up three to cap a 12-0 run for Georgetown. Six minutes to play and St. John’s uses another timeout.

  87. Mike Says:

    Back to back turnovers for Georgetown with the ball and and a chance to extend their three point lead. Now, St. John’s goes to the stripe with a chance to cut the lead to one.

  88. DJ Says:

    neeeeed the fts dajuan

  89. Tony Says:

    STJ ties the game and draws a foul, and one FT to come. Under 4:00 media timeout.

  90. Tony Says:

    GU Foul Trouble
    Monroe 4
    Wright 4
    Summers 3

  91. Mike Says:

    Big 3 by St. John’s gives them a 4 point lead

  92. Tony Says:

    Dunk and one for STJ, Monroe’s 5th foul, Hoyas down 4, STJ to shoot and 1

  93. Mike Says:

    Burrell scores and gets fouled. St. John’s up four with a chance to make it 5, and Greg Monroe has just fouled out.

  94. DJ Says:

    where is that foul? ridiculous

  95. DJ Says:

    SAPP!! god we needed that

  96. Mike Says:

    Sapp hits an NBA three to cut the lead back to two with 1:09 left to play.

  97. Tony Says:

    SAPP 3PT, cuts the lead to 2. GU calls timeout, Hoyas TRAIL 59-57.

  98. Mike Says:

    Boothe misses the 2nd. 3 point game.

  99. Mike Says:

    Freeman makes two free throws to cut it to 1, and then Burrell gets fouled quickly. 60-59 St. John’s with 18.8 seconds to play.

  100. Tony Says:

    Hoyas down by 3 with 15 seconds left, Hoyas side out at midcourt.

  101. Mike Says:

    Burrell hits them both. Georgetown crosses the line and calls timeout. 62-59 with 15.3 to play.

  102. Mike Says:

    Nikita takes a three from the corner and he hits the wrong side of the backboard.

  103. Tony Says:

    Mesheriakov shoots a 3PT from the corner, off the top of the backboard and out of bounds.

  104. DJ Says:


  105. DJ Says:

    and nikitas not russian

  106. Tony Says:

    FINAL SCORE – St. John’s 64 – Georgetown 59
    Hoyas finish the regular season 16-14

  107. Mike Says:

    That’s game, and that’s tournament. Hoyas lose to St. John’s 64-59.

  108. DJ Says:


  109. DBeck Says:

    And the letdown Hoyas strike again…

  110. letsgoorange Says:

    HAVE FUN IN THE NIT GUYS – or CBI whichever takes you

    : )

    Too bad monroe is going to the NBA otherwise you guys might’ve had a fighting chance next year. Sucks.

    Thanks for Dashonte by the way!

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