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VCU In-Game Thread

By Johnny

Hey everybody, Johnny here, sitting courtside at the United Center in Chicago, Ill. The Purdue Boilermakers are currently beating up on St. Peter’s late in the 2nd half, and the winner of this game will take on the winner of the main event, the Georgetown Hoyas’ 2nd round NCAA tournament game against VCU.

There’s tons of anticipation for tonight’s game since it’s the Big Dance, it’s a local rivalry of sorts, and, oh yeah, Chris Wright is back. In about an hour we should be able to see how the Hoyas look with their starting point guard back in the lineup, and how Chris’ hand has really healed.

Since this Purdue game is still going on, and since I just got into Chicago a couple hours ago, I don’t have much information for you about our game, but I will be posting comments once I get news and I’ll keep them coming throughout the game.

What I do have – starting lineups and referese:
For the Hoyas, it’s the good old starting five from when Georgetown could actually win – Austin Freeman, Jason Clark, Nate Lubick, Julian Vaughn, and CHRIS WRIGHT.
For the Rams, it will be Bradford Burgess, Ed Nixon, Joey Rodriguez, Jamie Skeen, and D.J. Haley.

The refs for tonight’s NCAA Tournament 2nd Round Game are going to be Doug Sirmons, Michael C. Greenstein, and Rick Crawford.

VCU Preview

By Johnny

Team Stats
VCU Georgetown
24-11 Record 21-10
CAA Conference Big East
14-7 Conference Record 10-9
11-3 Home Record 10-4
8-6 Away Record 7-5
71.2 Points / Game 71.0
65.7 Points Allowed / Game 66.1
32.3 Rebounds / Game 33.7
11.1 Offensive Rebounds / Game 10.1
14.1 Assists / Game 15.1
11.5 Turnovers / Game 13.4
3.7 Blocks / Game 4.5

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Chris Wright at Open Practice

By Johnny

After the press conferences this afternoon, the Hoyas had an open practice at the United Center, and a Chicago-based Hoya Hoops reader was there to keep an eye on Chris Wright and even shoot a short video.

Here’s what he had to say about #4:

I attended the Hoyas open practice today, and kept a close eye on Chris Wright. He looked good. He did not seem to be hindered by the hand at all. His shooting was uneven (maybe 60-70%), but he had a few spells where he made a number of shots in a row.

Pre-Tournament Press Conference

By Johnny

Today in Chicago, Coach Thompson and senior captains Chris Wright and Austin Freeman talked to the media about starting up the NCAA Tournament.

Here are some of the highlights:

Chris Wright

On how it felt practicing again and being able to play in the tournament:
It felt good to try to end my career on the court and kind of control our own destiny. You know, one thing that we said beginning of the season is that we want to try to create — finish with our own legacy and not be remembered for the people before us and hopefully not after us. So it feels good that in some ways I can control that, and I love to play basketball. So it feels good to be on the court.
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By Hoya Hoops

The Hoyas were shown an early exit from the Big East Tournament by eventual champions Connecticut 79-62, falling to 0-3 in games without Chris Wright in the lineup. Prior to tip-off, we asked how many points Austin Freeman would score. Freeman had 20 points in the losing effort, meaning billy cox was closest and gets two points for his effort. Nicely done.

As we enter the NCAA Tournament, let’s take a look at the standings for the Hoya Hoops T-shirt:

Winner # of Wins
Billy cox 5
Bobby cox 4
DBeck 4
Hoya Chris 4
Bob from Columbia 3
Bobby in Tennessee 3
Amanda cox 2
BLark 2
Hoyasincebirth 2
Julien 2
Let’s Go Hoyas 2
Big A 1
Emily 1

So, billy cox leads by the smallest of margins, and with each question now worth two points, it’s anyone’s game. Now, on to this game’s Pregame Prediction.

The Hoyas now know they will be taking on VCU on Friday night after the Rams defeated USC 59-46 last night in Dayton. Thanks to Coach Joe’s analysis of VCU in his scouting report, we know that the Rams use a high intensity defense to create offense. Georgetown will have to take special care of the ball in order to get the win. Also, considering Chris Wright is returning for his first game in three weeks and might be a little rusty handling the ball, limiting turnovers will be essential to Georgetown’s success.

How many turnovers with Georgetown commit?

We think the Hoyas will turn it over 13 times, right around the season average. Let us know your guesses in the comments. And remember, the closest answer is worth two.

VCU Scouting Report

By Coach Joe

Hoya Hoops Scouting Report

Team Scouted: VCU (24-11, 12-6 CAA) 
Opponents: USC                               
Date: March 16, 2011                           
Place: Dayton, Ohio NCAA First Four

General Thoughts on the Rams:

VCU is a very confident, senior led team that is highly motivated to prove they deserved an at-large bid to this year’s NCAA tournament. Their Head Coach is Shaka Smart, in his second year. They are a guard oriented team that looks to push the tempo, force turnovers, and take opposing offenses out of their comfort zone.

They play an outstanding, suffocating defense and held USC to 46 points, 20 below their average, on 15-38 shooting (39.5%) They also forced 15 turnovers.
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2011 NCAA Pick 8

By Hoya Hoops

2011 NCAA Pick 8

The NCAA Selection Committee has spoken. 68 teams are prepared to battle it out for the NCAA Champtionship. Instead of the standard bracket that most people have you fill out, we do things a little differently at Hoya Hoops. So, without further ado, it’s time for the second annual NCAA Pick 8, an “Intelligent Alternative” to the boring bracket.

For the newcomers, or for those of you who may have forgotten, here are the rules: You pick eight (8) teams. We total up the winning percentage of your eight teams combined. Whoever has the highest winning percentage is the Champion and wins a Hoya Hoops T-shirt.

There is, however, one catch about your choice of teams. This is really the only rule, so pay close attention: You can only choose one team of each seed.

In other words, of your eight teams, you can have at most one #1 seed, at most one #2 seed, and so on. You do not have to choose seeds 1-8; it’s acceptable to have a #9 seed or a #10 seed, or even a #16 if you’re feeling lucky (or crazy). But, you can only choose one team of each seed!

One final note: In case two or more contestants finish with the same winning percentage, select one player (any player in the tournament) who you think will score the most total points in the NCAA Tournament. The selected player with the most points will be the determining factor in case of a tie.

And that’s all there is to it. Submit your eight teams in the comments, and good luck!

Our picks are after the jump. More »

Hoyas Are 6 Seed in Southwest Region

By Hoya Hoops

Chris Wright Cleared to Play

By Johnny

More good news coming from Ron Thompson’s Twitter:

Ron Thompson Tweet

#Hoya News: Chris Wright has been cleared to play. 1st ‘full’ practice will be Mon. Good for Ncaa Tourney.

Chris coming back for the tourney is good news for the Hoyas, but since he will most likely not be 100%, this week’s worth of practices are extremely important for everyone on the roster.

Mike’s Connecticut Postgame Thoughts

By Mike


The Hoyas continue to struggle without Chris Wright, losing their fourth game in a row, certainly not the streak Georgetown wanted to carry into the NCAA Tournament. The offense was stagnant for most of the game with very little cutting or ball movement. The Hoyas also could not connect from beyond the arc, making just 5 of their 22 three point attempts, 22.7%.

With the offense unable to produce, the Hoyas turned to their defense to keep them in the game, but did not happen. Georgetown gave up too many open looks and did not create turnovers that can help jump start the offense. It seems like the morale of team is very low, as once one thing starts to go wrong, the wheels fall off. If will be interesting to see if Chris Wright can return for the NCAA Tournament and provide an energy boost to lift up the team and get the Hoyas playing they way they did in January and early February.

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